kitchen cabinet


Collection of before and after for our products.


When it comes to Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet, we are the best at it! Nyatoh material is not just beautiful, but also can lasts up to 10 years and still looks like new!

4G Kitchen Cabinet

4G Kitchen Cabinet is the choice among the modernist and the minimalist. The sleek design of the 4G glass makes the kitchen look very minimal yet satisfying.

3G Kitchen Cabinet

Pretty much same with 4G kitchen. The only difference is 3G materials need aluminium edging to support the 3G glass.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Melamine is the most economical kitchen cabinet material we offer. Although the material is basic, a good design can make melamine kitchen cabinet looks like a high-end kitchen cabinet.


Other products that we specialize in is wardrobe. We offer variety of concept such as walk-in wardrobe, built-in wardrobe, and custom design wardrobe.

TV Cabinet

We have a lot of design to choose for TV Cabinet. You can choose from classic design, functional design, modern design, and minimalist design.

Other Furniture

Since we custom make everything, some customers asks us to do custom bed frame, partitions, shoe cabinet, display cabinet, and stair cabinet.

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