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What You Need to Know
About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet

Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinets feature a luxurious kitchen atmosphere that makes it a dream for all homeowners. With subtle details and finishes, the kitchen design is luxurious and elegant and timeless.

What makes Nyatoh cabinet so special makes it the dream kitchen of many people? Let's see in more detail.

What is Nyatoh?

Nyatoh wood is one of the native wood found in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. It is often used in the manufacture of solid wood cabinets. It has tight straight details that resemble cherry wood. Nyatoh wood surface is dark brown / red.

Permukaan Kayu Nyatoh
Unprocessed Nyatoh Wood Surface.

Usually, our manufacturers will choose grade A Nyatoh wood to ensure the quality of cabinet boards. Therefore, the processing time of our Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet takes up to 3-4 weeks. This is because we care about the quality control of our Nyatoh wood cabinet making.

Usually, wood cabinets have a variety of cabinet door designs that can be chosen according to the theme of your kitchen.

Among the popular cabinet door designs are:

Pintu Kabinet Dapur Shaker
Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker (Inset Panel)

Among the cabinet door designs that are often the choice for the latest kitchen style. Has a simple and flat hidden panel. This type of door is available in a more modern design.

Raised Panel Cabinet Door

Raised Panel

This cabinet door has a high panel in the middle, which is different from the side of the door itself. Has contoured sides to give a clear look and style. This type of door is commonly used for traditional door design.

Arch Cabinet Door


Cabinet doors that have deep grooves with a clear curved top.

Cathedral Cabinet Door


This cabinet doors design are rounded with arches at the top, inspired by Medieval Europe era.

Both the round cathedral and the soft arch design at the top bring the cabinet doors looks traditional. This style works well in the Classic English Cottage or Country kitchen, which has many wood carvings and detailed molds.

Beadboard Cabinet Door


This type of door panel is easily recognizable by its appearance: it has decorative wood panels that have vertical grooves. Usually this cabinet door style can be found in this cabinet door in French, country-style and English Cottage style houses.

In addition, other cabinet door designs available in Ba Li Kitchen Cabinet are including:

Louver Cabinet Door
Lattice Cabinet Door
Pintu Kabinet Kaca
Glass Cabinet Door

What are the Advantages of Nyatoh?

The natural wood pattern makes this wooden cabinet something special for your kitchen space. No need to worry because the strength of Nyatoh wood quality is very strong as well as anti-termites.

Is Nyatoh wood an anti-termites?

Yes, Nyatoh solid wood is a very durable material. Compared to other woods that are quickly damaged due to water moisture, the bark peels off and breaks. These solid wood kitchen cabinets are much easier to repair than installing cabinets made of other materials.

The details on the finish of Nyatoh kitchen cabinets are very delicate and respected by many. With the high quality of Nyatoh wood, there is no denying that many people crave Nyatoh kitchen cabinets with their timeless nature!

Why Choose Nyatoh?

It is often chosen in the manufacture of high quality cabinets as well as longer lasting.

This wood material was initially very popular with homeowners with a classic spirit. From the theme of English Cottage, Country-side, Rustic - for those who want a wood surface covered with Varnish coating features a very beautiful wood grain pattern.

And for those who want to combine modern features. You can choose your favorite color and we will paint a custom spray paint of your color choice for your dream kitchen cabinet.


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