What You Need to Know About
3G Glass Kitchen Cabinet

If you want a modern and futuristic kitchen theme, 3G Glass is the perfect material for your kitchen cabinets. Many homeowners are interested in making kitchen cabinets with this material. With its glossy glass surface and waterproof properties, you definitely want an effective kitchen for you to cook later.

Let's find out what 3G Glass material is.

What is 3G Glass?

3G Glass is made of glass supported by plywood on the back. The name "3G Glass" comes from the term "3rd-generation glass", as well as the shape of the aluminum iron frame on the side of this 3G glass as well. It has 2 types of color finishes - namely 1) Spray Paint and 2) Solid Color Sticker / Film.

Sampel Kabinet Pintu 3G Glass
4G Glass Cabinet Doors Sample

This 3G Glass frame is also made of aluminum (Non-hidden profile). With the sides of the aluminum parallel to the size of the door and there is also an aluminum duct that serves as a door holder.

Aluminium Edging
Aluminium Frame on the 3G Glass Cabinet Doors

What are the Advantages of 3G Glass?

The 3G Glass material used is of high quality. It has a glossy glass surface and is indeed waterproof. So you do not have to worry about dirt, oil and water spills, 3G Glass cabinet doors are easy to clean.

Various color variations can be chosen for the theme of kitchen cabinets according to your taste. Whether you want a glossy and futuristic modern theme with glass flashes and aluminum frames on cabinet doors. You can also create a kitchen theme with 2 tons of your favorite color.

Why Choose 3G Glass?

If you want the look of a shiny kitchen cabinet and a Modern themed kitchen concept, then you can consider this 3G Glass material.

The 3G glass material used is very durable and easy to clean. You do not have to worry when you cook, suddenly there is dirt on the door of your kitchen cabinet. You can wipe with a damp cloth to clean the dirt easily.

So, this 3G Glass kitchen cabinet is very efficient for your daily use.


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